Strategic Plan

NDSA Leadership 2020 Strategy Map

The following outlines the strategic priorities of the NDSA in 2020.

Communications and Publications

To promote community and raise public awareness.

  1. Review Outreach and Marketing strategies
    • Evaluate the role of OSF for NDSA publications.
    • Highlight publications more effectively (high value to community)
  2. Plan and host annual DigiPres Conference
    • Explore holding DigiPres internationally / co-sponsor with another org

Reports and Guidance

To advocate standards, encourage sustainable infrastructure, and broaden access to preserved digital materials.

  1. Advocate for international digital preservation through cooperative projects and best practice documents
    • Explore broadening the international reach of the NDSA (short term)
      • Review past communications with international organizations (eg: DPC)
  2. Continue to publish and update the NDSA Agenda
  3. Continue to publish and update Levels of Preservation
  4. Provide documented timelines for surveys and other reports that are cyclical. (e.g. Storage, Staffing)
  5. Establish Interest and Working Groups to pursue research and develop NDSA recommendations for standards and good practice guidelines

Knowledge Exchange

To facilitate cooperation and promote innovation.

  1. Promulgate and recast the NDSA as an international organization
    • Address the word National in the title
    • Develop a plan for how NDSA fits into various international digital preservation organizations and their associated conferences (DPC, iPres, PASIG)
  2. Seek professional partnerships that extend the NDSA’s mission and vision


To maintain a clear, transparent, and accountable governance structure of the NDSA.

  1. Establish/re-affirm Foundational Principles for NDSA
    • How can we thrive as a self-sustained organization
    • Revisit framing of membership types: organizational vs individual
      • Framing of About page
    • Potentially reorganize WGs/IGs for better alignment with NDSA mission/vision/ goals/activities
  2. Collate and structure all organizational statements
    • Add relevant statements to the website
    • Create vision statements as needed
    • Review entire member package and add text to website
  3. Improve coordination to support working groups
    • Coordinate Interest Group activities
      • Facilitate planning of group activities so that groups are coordinated rather than duplicative
      • Document Interest Group activities for consistency between groups
      • Define the process of creating and vetting new Interest and Working Groups
    • Manage Working Groups and create playbooks
      • Oversee the development and sunsetting of Working Groups
        • Document and make available an official process for creating Working Groups, notifying the larger membership of working group formation
        • NDSA Agenda
    • Determine appropriate frequency
    • Manage running list of advances/publications in the field between each publication - Document past and possible future survey activities and coordinate surveys across groups as possible - Document past and possible future published reports for coordination across groups if necessary as part of reviewing timelines for published reports - Document activities - consistency between groups, way to pull together into some sort of annual accomplishments for NDSA - Enact all of the playbooks that were created in the previous goal term. Review and revise as needed.
  4. Grow program management capacity to support continued growth of NDSA
    • Work with DLF staff to assign appropriate roles/ownership of NDSA administrative work
    • Set a schedule for the CC elections and CC chair, what needs to be done when.
      • Introduce and implement role of vice chair
    • Create CC/NDSA Leadership strategic planning playbook
    • Develop and document an onboarding process for new CC members, new WG members and new NDSA members
    • Clarify our mission/action/guiding principles
    • Grow conference revenues to support dedicated program coordination role
    • Explore growing the annual conference to build enough of a funding stream to support hiring a program manager for NDSA at CLIR