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NDSA organizations have proven themselves in the field of digital stewardship. As NDSA members, they share expertise, tools and practices to benefit local efforts while contributing to the stewardship of a growing national collection of diverse digital content. Members collaborate on projects to benefit the digital preservation community and their organization. Learn more about the NDSA.

Membership Eligibility

  • Members will be organizations or consortia;
  • Members will have demonstrated an active commitment to digital preservation;
  • Members will share the stated values of the Alliance;
  • Members will agree to maintain vendor neutrality;
  • Members will agree to participate in one or more Interest Groups, NDSA surveys, dissemination activities, and related efforts, as described in the “Commitment” section below.

Benefits of Membership

Members share in the advantages of the NDSA, including:

  • Shaping the National Agenda for digital preservation in the United States;
  • Partnering with major organizations, including premier cultural heritage institutions and nonprofit organizations;
  • Participating in efforts to develop and implement tools and infrastructure, services, standards, and training;
  • Taking part in national outreach build public awareness;
  • Learning about digital preservation practices from a network of thought leaders.

Commitment and Groups

There are no fees or dues for membership in the NDSA. (NDSA is financially supported by the Digital Library Federation, which also provides communications infrastructure and staff time.) But the real longevity and value of the NDSA depends on members contributing their efforts to Interest Groups and sharing their knowledge and expertise.

In particular, NDSA members agree to:

  • Serve on one or more Interest Groups and Working Groups, including Content, Infrastructure, and Standards and Practices Interest Groups as well as the Awards, Fixity, National Agenda, Conference Program, Web Archiving, and Staffing Survey Working Groups.
  • Participate in the core surveys NDSA conducts of its membership;
  • Review proposed NDSA reports and guidance;
  • Assist with dissemination of NDSA news as requested.

Members may further contribute by:

  • Collecting, providing and/or curating digital content in accordance with NDSA recommendations;
  • Providing services in storage, infrastructure, tools, software or hardware, or policy development;
  • Volunteering or presenting at NDSA’s Digital Preservation meeting and at the annual DLF Forum;
  • Delivering presentations and posters at disciplinary conferences and workshops on behalf of the NDSA;
  • Contributing to guest blog posts and reports.

Consortia and Membership Organizations

The NDSA welcomes applications from potential consortial members and membership organizations, provided that there is a clear representative identified to participate from each collective group.

Commercial Members and Vendors

Applications are welcome from all sectors. All members must share the core values of the NDSA and agree to maintain vendor neutrality.

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