Membership Overview

The challenges of digital stewardship are greater than any single institution can address. Membership in the NDSA connects you to partnering organizations and individuals around the country working to address those challenges and devise community solutions.

The NDSA organizes a national network of collaborative partners to take stewardship action across a range of issues, including by:

  • Setting a strategic, national agenda for digital stewardship;
  • Identifying, selecting, and stewarding digital collections that should to be preserved and made available;
  • Indicating and authoring appropriate digital stewardship standards;
  • Encouraging the development and maintenance of tools for curation and preservation;
  • Encouraging and conducting research in digital preservation sciences and technologies;
  • Building relationships with stakeholder communities;
  • Preparing and sharing digital preservation information resources.

If you’re not yet an NDSA member, we urge you to get involved! Our Coordinating Committee reviews applications from new members on a monthly basis.

Resources for Members


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