The NDSA has established Interest Groups focusing on broad areas of digital preservation, out of which smaller Working Groups often emerge. All NDSA member organizations commit to providing participants for one or more groups. Questions about which group you should join? Chat with the Interest Group chairs listed below, or send an email to

Group Formation

NDSA participants may form Interest Groups (IGs) and Working Groups (WGs) at will, in order to discuss mutual interests, and advance joint projects.

This process is self-organizing and light-weight. NDSA requires only that groups must be documented publicly, be open to participation, be transparent in discussion and outputs, have a designated Facilitator, and garner the involvement of at least three individual participants from different NDSA organizations. Interest Groups will remain the gateway for new members into NDSA activities. WGs and IGs are encouraged and authorized to share news, events, calls for comments, and draft outputs (with appropriate NDSA branding and WG attribution) through the NDSA mailing lists and social media channels. Please contact the NDSA Host Organization at the Digital Library Federation if you would like to form a new group:

Current Interest Groups


Focusing on the selection, discovery and preservation of digital content. For example, the group members are conducting surveys around US web archiving practices and developing case studies around a variety of types of content to share compelling stories that demonstrate the value of digital preservation in our communities.

Standards and Practices

Promoting effective methods for digital content selection, organization, preservation and access. Current activities include work to enhance coverage information and resources on born digital preservation concerns and criteria in Wikipedia.


Working to identify and share emerging practices around the development and maintenance of tools and systems for curation and preservation. For example, the Infrastructure Interest Group is studying and reporting on member approaches to design and operation of large scale storage systems.

Current Working Groups


Adminstering awards that highlight and commend creative individuals, projects, organizations, and future stewards demonstrating originality and excellence in their contributions to the field of digital preservation.


Working to address the “… clear need for use-case driven examples of best practices for fixity in particular system designs and configurations established to meet particular preservation requirements” raised in the 2015 NDSA National Agenda.

National Agenda

Revising and updating the National Agenda to integrate the perspective of dozens of experts and hundreds of institutions to provide funders and executive decision‐makers insight into emerging technological trends, gaps in digital stewardship capacity, and key areas for funding, research and development to ensure that today’s valuable digital content remains accessible and comprehensible in the future, supporting a thriving economy, a robust democracy, and a rich cultural heritage.

Conference Program

Planning and reviewing the conference program for Digital Preservation 2018: In/visible Work.

Staffing Survey

Working to re-release a survey about staffing practices as a follow up to the NDSA 2012 Staffing Survey.

Storage Survey

The 2019 Storage Survey Working Group was convened in late 2018 to gather new data on preservation storage practices. The goal of the 2019 survey is not only to collect updated information in order to compare to the NDSA 2011 and 2013 surveys, but to gather information on how new technologies or standards have impacted preservation storage.

Levels of Preservation

Working to provide the methodology by which the important NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation document can be adapted more readily—taking in the broadest possible feedback in the process.

On Hiatus

Web Archiving

During Winter 2016, the Web Archiving Survey Working Group invited U.S. organizations engaged in web archiving or in the process of planning a web archive to take the NDSA Web Archiving Survey. The report was published in Spring 2017.

Former Interest Groups


The Innovation Interest Group is no longer active. Activities of this working group were suspended in 2016. The Innovation Interest Group has a more than six-year history of activity under the umbrella of NDSA. Its focus involved encouraging and sharing innovative methods of digital preservation practices and technologies. For example, the innovation group highlighted innovative projects and practitioners through a series of published interviews. The group also developed and ran an awards program to recognize groundbreaking work in digital stewardship, which is now administered by the Awards Working Group.


The Outreach Interest Group is no longer active. Activities of this working group were suspended in 2014. Its focus was on building relationships with stakeholder communities and preparing and sharing digital preservation information resources. The group has worked to the support the release of the National Agenda for Digital Stewardship, published the Digital Preservation in a Box outreach toolkit, supported regional NDSA meetings, and developed tools to make it easier for partners to share information about their work. The NDSA Coordinating Committee has committed to furthering outreach and communication for the NDSA. Please contact the Coordinating Committee with ideas and suggestions.