Levels of Preservation Working Group

Take me to the Levels of Digital Preservation Working Group Listserv! If you are already a member of this Working Group, you can always access the listserv (including its archives) at that link. To join this Working Group, please contact Bradley Daigle at bradley [at] virginia [dot] edu.

Mission Statement for Levels of Preservation Working Group

The NDSA initially launched its Levels of Digital Preservation guidelines in 2013. The Levels’ authors wrote about the philosophy behind the publication here. Since that time practitioners across the globe have been working with the guidelines and some have been extending and adapting them. Response to and adoption of the Levels has far exceeded NDSA’s expectations.

This new Working Group’s primary task will be to provide the methodology by which the important NDSA Levels of Preservation document can be adapted more readily—taking in the broadest possible feedback in the process. We will not limit the group to NDSA members, though we will strongly encourage everyone interested in this project to consider joining the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. The preliminary charge for this group will be to:

  • Identify those actively engaged in adapting the Levels
  • Cast a wide net for those willing to engage in updating the current version
  • Create a methodology by which disparate approaches can be fully vetted and harmonized into a Version 2.0 of the Levels
  • Devise an ongoing strategy by which the Levels can be adapted on a regular basis.

A call for interest and participation was sent out in April 2018 and the community’s response has been tremendous. Practitioners from all over the globe have responded that they are either using the NDSA’s Levels guidelines or would like to assist in the creation of Version 2.0. We hope to harness the excellent work that is already underway and create a series of international groups to help refine and test the new proposed changes.

Get Involved

Please contact Bradley Daigle at bradley [at] virginia [dot] edu if you are interested in participating

Current Activities

We are currently parsing the responses that we have received from the initial call and creating a project plan. We will be creating a communications channel as well as a follow up survey that will seek to group respondents along their interest lines. Please stay tuned.

Levels Reboot Team

  • Karen Cariani - karen_cariani [at] WGBH [dot] ORG
  • Aaron Collie - Aaron.Collie [at] STLS.FRB [dot] ORG
  • Bradley Daigle - bradley [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Corey Davis - corey [at] COPPUL [dot] CA
  • Amy Kirchoff - Amy.Kirchhoff [at] ithaka [dot] org
  • Carol Kussmann - kussmann [at] umn [dot] edu
  • Mary Molinaro - mary [at] DPN [dot] ORG
  • Bethany Nowviskie - bnowviskie [at] CLIR [dot] ORG
  • Sibyl Schaefer - sschaefer [at] ucsd [dot]edu
  • Nathan Tallman - ntt7 [at] psu [dot] edu
  • Helen Tibbo - tibbo [at] ILS.UNC [dot] EDU
  • Lauren Work - lw2cd [at] virginia [dot] edu

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