The proposals are in for our week of three great events in Milwaukee this November: the DLF Forum, the DLF Liberal Arts Colleges Pre-Conference, and Digital Preservation 2016. Now it’s time to shape the program! From June 8- June 20, proposals will be open for public voting through our brand-new DLF community voting app:

During this period, community members will be able to review titles and abstracts, and cast votes based on their interest in seeing certain presentations as part of each of the three events. After voting closes, the program planning committees for each event will use the community’s input, in combination with results from a concurrent peer review process, to inform its decisions about the conference programs.

People who submitted complete proposals will be notified of status by early August. Presenters will be guaranteed a registration place at the Forum.

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Voting Process

Anyone is welcome to vote. You will need to a create an account on You can cast votes for as many presentations as you’d like, but only one vote per presentation. For each presentation, the proposal type is listed to the right of the “Cast Vote” button.

The title and abstract will be available for each proposal. You can toggle between the three events using the top menu in blue.

Voting closes at 11:59 pm ET on Monday, June 20.

The planning committees for each of the three events will consider community voting results (taking into account the number of community votes it has received) among other factors when making final decisions on the 2016 DLF Forum program.

Thank you for helping to inform our selection process!

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