Content Interest Group

Content Interest Group Co-Chairs: Brenda Burk - bburk [at] clemson [dot] edu; Deon Schutte- ddpschutte [at] gmail [dot] com

The Content Interest Group will intentionally engage the priorities and important resources promoted by the NDSA and the broader profession, and explore a broad array of topics related to preserving digital content, including: viable approaches to institutional collaboration; sharing strategies to address issues of scale and complexity; and the development of policies, practices, and community action to promote ethical and sustainable labor for digital stewardship.

Take me to the Content Interest Group Listserv! If you are already a member of this Interest Group, you can always access the listserv (including its archives) at that link. To join this Interest Group, please contact the coordinators.


  • As of February 2022, all three Interest Groups will be on a rotating schedule with one per month to help members who have wanted to participate in multiple groups but didn’t have the time for two or more calls a month.
  • The meetings are held the first Wednesday of the months listed below at 1pm EST:
    • February 2nd
    • May 4th
    • August 3rd
    • November 5th
  • Calendar invites are not sent out due to the changing nature of the membership list. We encourage you to create a recurring invite to your own calendar, using the information found in the meeting agenda/notes document linked below.
  • Call in information is available on the running meeting agenda/notes document.


The Content Interest Group has spun up the Web Archiving Survey Working Group multiple times over the years in an effort to establish a longitudinal review of web archiving practices. The results of and reports produced from this work can be found on the Web Archiving Survey Project page in OSF, including reports from 2011, 2013, 2016, and 2017.