Member Orientation

The challenges of digital stewardship are greater than any single institution can address. Membership in the NDSA connects you to partnering organizations and individuals around the country working to address those challenges and devise community solutions.

Group Participation

  • NDSA Member Organizations submit one or more names for participation in one or more Interest Groups. These names are added to the NDSA-All and Interest Group specific mailing lists.
  • Anyone from a Member Organization is welcome to join any Interest or Working Group at any time. To do so, contact the chairs of the group.
  • Encourage others from your organization to also be involved in NDSA activities.

Easy Ways to Get Involved

  • Attend and participate in monthly Interest or Working Group meetings. Contact your Interest Group or Working Group co-chairs to learn more about how to get involved in a specific group or activity.
    • Offer to help take meeting minutes (this is always truly appreciated!).
    • Help with small or large tasks to accomplish Interest Group or Working Group goals.
  • Chat with your fellow members via the listserv - ask questions, tell us about your projects, introduce yourself! You will be added to the listserv upon joining the NDSA, and can always access it here
  • Encourage your co-workers to get involved.

Have an idea for a project or activity?

New Working Groups can be formed at any time based on the interest of NDSA participants. Action teams may also be formed outside of (or within) the Interest Groups to perform specific tasks or accomplish goals. To suggest a new project or activity…

  • Email your idea to the Interest Group mailing list or the NDSA-ALL mailing list.
  • Contact your Interest Group co-chairs.

Resources for Members

Need Help?

  • Mailing list questions or problems? If you or a colleague need to be added or removed from NDSA_ALL or one of the Interest Group mailing lists, contact your Interest Group co-chairs.
  • I’m in the “wrong Interest Group!” Don’t be afraid to change Interest Groups. If the one you initially signed up for isn’t a good fit, and you’re more interested in activities going on in one of the other Interest Groups, please feel free to change groups. We realize that as the work evolves, new members may find themselves in the “wrong” group. Contact a Interest Group co-chair if you have questions about switching Interest Groups.


Feel free to drop us a line at

If you’re not yet an NDSA member, we urge you to get involved! Our Coordinating Committee reviews applications from new members on a monthly basis.