Standards and Practices Interest Group

Standards and Practices Interest Group Co-Chairs: Michael Dulock, University of Colorado Boulder - michael [dot] Dulock [at] colorado [dot] edu; Ann Hanlon, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, hanlon [at] uwm [dot] edu

The Standards and Practices Interest Group works to facilitate a broad understanding of the role and benefit of standards in digital preservation and how to use them effectively to ensure durable and usable collections.

In addition, the Interest Group seeks to identify, promote and widely disseminate practices found to be effective for selecting, organizing, describing, managing, preserving and serving digital content, in collaboration with other individuals and organizations where appropriate.

Smaller working groups frequently emerge from the Standards and Practices Interest Group.

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  • NDSA Interest Groups now meet on a rotating schedule with one per month to help members who have wanted to participate in multiple groups but didn’t have the time for two or more calls a month.
  • All NDSA events can be found on the NDSA Calendar
  • The meetings for the Standards and Practices Interest Group are held the second Monday of the month at 1pm EST. The 2024 dates are listed below:
    • January 9th
    • April 1st
    • July 1st
    • October 7th
  • Calendar invites are not sent out due to the changing nature of the membership list. We encourage you to create a recurring invite to your own calendar, using the information found in the meeting agenda/notes document linked below.

  • Call in information is available on the 2024 running meeting agenda/notes document. The 2023 meeting agenda/notes are also available.