Staffing Survey Working Group

The Staffing Survey Working Group is re-forming in 2021 to work to gather new data on staffing practices. This survey will build off the previous 2012 and 2017 surveys, with redesign of the survey to incorporate new areas for data collection. As was the case after the 2012 and 2017 surveys, a report will be published with the results. The goal is to better understand current staffing levels, needs, and demographics around the area of digital preservation, and changes over time.

Get Involved

Please contact the current working group co-chairs Elizabeth England (elizabeth dot england at nara dot gov) or Lauren Work (lauren dot work at virginia dot edu) with any questions or to get involved.

2021 Scope of Work

  • Review 2017 Staffing Survey questions and report
  • Develop a set of survey questions for 2021
  • Deploy 2021 survey
  • Review and analyze results
  • Write a final report based off of the 2021 survey responses

2021 Working Group Members

  • Elizabeth England (co-chair)
  • Lauren Work (co-chair)
  • Rachel Appel
  • Brenna Edwards
  • Heather Heckman
  • Déirdre Joyce
  • Margaret Kidd
  • Julia Kim
  • Sharon McMeekin
  • Krista Oldham
  • Shira Peltzman
  • Jessica Venlet
  • Hannah Wang

Past Surveys