Fixity Working Group

The Fixity Working Group was established May 31, 2016 as a joint collaboration of the Standards & Practices Interest Group and the Infrastructure Interest Group in order to move forward with reccomendations from the Fixity Guidance Report and the NDSA National Agenda. The Fixity Working Group created the Fixity Survey as a way to address the “… clear need for use-case driven examples of best practices for fixity in particular system designs and configurations established to meet particular preservation requirements” raised in the 2015 NDSA National Agenda. The survey set a baseline for activities being done in 2016. Future work will build off of these initial results.

Get Involved

This working group will be spinning back up in the Spring of 2021. If you are interested in participating please contact Carol Kussmann at kussmann [@]

The group was interested in producing case studies on fixity practices at various institutions. Please contact NDSA at ndsa.digipres [@] if interested in contributing. You could also fill out this interest survey.

2021 Scope of Work

  • Review 2017 Fixity Survey report and survey questions
  • Develop a set of survey questions for 2021
  • Deploy 2021 survey
  • Review and analyze results
  • Write a final report based off of the 2021 survey responses

2016-2017 Activities

  • The Fixity Working Group met at Digital Preservation 2016 to foster “a next-level conversation on optimization, parameters, routines, resources & algorithms”. Notes from the conversation are available here.
  • A subgroup of people looked into vendor fixity requirements and produced Vendor Fixity: An Attempt at Definition a report of their findings for the NDSA Leadership. The goal was to determine if there was a simpler method by which potential users could do a cross comaprison of how various servies defined fixity.
  • The 2017 Fixity Survey Report was produced by the group documenting fixity practices across the community. The code book and data is also available on the same OSF site.