Digital Preservation Conference


About the NDSA and Digital Preservation 2021

The NDSA is a consortium of 260 organizations committed to the long-term preservation and stewardship of digital information and cultural heritage, for the benefit of present and future generations. Digital Preservation 2021 will be a crucial venue for intellectual exchange, community-building, development of good practices, and national-level agenda-setting in the field, helping to chart future directions for both the NDSA and digital stewardship.

The NDSA strives to create a safe, accessible, welcoming, and inclusive event, and operates under the DLF Forum’s Code of Conduct.

Call for Proposals

The NDSA invites proposals for Digital Preservation 2021: Embracing Digitality (#DigiPres21) to be held ONLINE this year on November 4th. See the 2021 CFP for more information.

2021 DigiPres Organizing Committee

  • Tricia Patterson, Harvard University (2021 Chair)
  • Jes Neal, Williams College (2021 Vice-Chair, 2022 Chair)
  • Rachel Appel, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • Heather Barnes, Wake Forest University
  • Moriah Caruso, University of Washington Libraries
  • Greg Colati, University of Connecticut
  • Chelsea Denault, Michigan Digital Preservation Network
  • Stacey Erdman, Arizona State University
  • Angela Fritz, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Deirdre Joyce, Syracuse University
  • Alex Kinnaman, Virginia Tech University Libraries
  • Monique Lassere, Houghton Library at Harvard University
  • Ruby Lorraine Martinez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Krista Oldham, Clemson
  • Patrice-Andre “Max” Prud’homme, Oklahoma State University
  • Thomas Pulhamus, University of Delaware
  • Aliya Reich, CLIR/DLF
  • Amy Rudersdorf, AVP
  • Kim Schroeder, Wayne State University
  • Beth Shields, Oregon State University
  • Kristen Weischedel, IIT
  • Lauren Work, University of Virginia Library (Communications Liaison)
  • Frederick Zarndt, Global Connexions

Calendar and Past Meetings

Future Events: For the latest on upcoming events, see our NDSA calendar. More events relevant to the NDSA’s mission are to be found on the DLF Community Calendar.

Past Meetings: An archive of Digital Preservation meetings from 2011-2020 can be found on the Past Digital Preservation Conference page.