Curious about how other institutions staff their digital repositories? Or, how they hope to align staff responsibilities as they grow? Members of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance have formed the Staffing Survey Working Group to survey repositories internationally for insights into these questions.  Our survey will explore how organizations worldwide are addressing digital preservation staffing, scoping and structural questions. The results of this survey will build on the knowledge gained through a similar 2012 survey which were published in the 2013 NDSA Report: Staffing for Effective Digital Preservation. A new report will analyze the new data as its own information as well as in comparison with the 2013 report.

This survey is available for any organization that manages and preserves digital content and is available at until April 10, 2017. Please coordinate one response per institution. You will find a link to a Microsoft Word version of the questionnaire on the first screen if you would like to preview the questions.

If you have any questions please contact the Staffing Survey Working Group at:  

Thank you for helping NDSA and our community define and advance digital preservation!

The NDSA Staffing Survey Working Group

Interested in activities like this, or in joining with other organizations committed to the long-term preservation of digital information?  Get involved with NDSA yourself at:

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