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Earlier this year NDSA requested your participation in a survey about how organizations worldwide were addressing digital preservation staffing and related issues. The NDSA Staffing Survey Working Group is happy to announce the publication of the 2017 Digital Preservation Staffing Survey Report. The report summarizes the results of the 2017 survey, including information on participants type of organization and size, as well as information on how organizations view their digital preservation organization and staffing situation, and ideas about staffing qualifications and training needs. The report also compares the survey results to the results of the 2012 staffing survey.  

The report and survey data is available on the NDSA 2017 Staffing Survey’s OSF page

General Statistics: 133 organizations completed this survey, 78% from the United States (with 13 other countries being represented). Although many respondents represented academic libraries and archives (46%), we received responses from thirteen categories of institutions, including governmental entities, museums, historical societies, public libraries, and for-profit corporations.  Some 58% are managing between 1-50 TB of content. Review the report for all of the details and comparison with the 2012 survey.   

The Working Group would like to thank the 133 organizations who took the time to complete the survey and provide the community with information around these issues.   

Questions or comments can be sent to the Working Group at  

The NDSA Staffing Survey Working Group

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