We are pleased to welcome our most recent members to NDSA! They have all come on board since 2019. As this community grows, I want to encourage each of you to continue your commitment to advancing the understanding and implementation of digital stewardship across all sectors. We rely on your collective knowledge and experience to advocate effectively for preservation - without you, there is no NDSA. Here are some statements from new members taken from their membership applications about their activities and/or interest in NDSA activities:

University of Louisville Libraries

We are a founding member of MetaArchive Cooperative distributed digital preservation network, which was funded by an NDIIPP grant and is now self-sustaining (we hold a Sustaining membership in MetaArchive, with a seat on the Steering Committee). We preserve digitized and born-digital cultural heritage material.

University of the Balearic Islands

In 2017 our university established a long term digital preservation solution on our servers which is aligned with ISO 14721:2012 and with OAIS. Our installation was guided by the NDSA Levels of Preservation as an excellent reference. Our goal is to preserve correctly all the information we generate from the digitization of our scientific production of our university, historic archives, and other materials of cultural interest produced in the Balearic Islands.

We shared our experience at PASIG 2017 and in 2018 we participated in an event led by the National Library in Spain concerning Digital Preservation. We also participated in PASIG 2019 in Mexico. We would like to share our experience in this field and contribute with our know-how to the NDSA.

University of Colorado, Boulder

The University of Colorado Libraries collects cultural heritage materials primarily through the Special Collections, Archives and Preservation department, though we also gather materials through our institutional repository, scholarly outreach work and digital purchases associated with library collections and resources. We collect in a wide range of subjects ranging from Post-Holocaust American Judaism, to American music and experimental film (e.g., Stan Brakhage). We also collect for regional interests including the "Atomic West" (nuclear activity in the West) and labor and politics - recently acquiring the congressional records of Jared Polis (now governor) along with his social media records. We have just began web archiving as well, and have contracted with Arkivum to use their PERPETUA service for long-term preservation. Media types run from manuscripts and stills to film and audio; we digitize these materials increasingly in-house, while running a small born-digital lab for legacy digital media such as floppies or forensic capture of drives.

Please join us in welcoming each of these organizations to the NDSA community!