As part of our ongoing effort to be transparent and informative, the Leadership of the NDSA approved the creation of a new working group to assist with communications about NDSA activities with the NDSA membership and beyond.  We are looking for people to join in the effort!  Any interest can be expressed by completing the following form by the end of January 2020. 

Group Purpose: To develop, enhance, and refine the communications strategy with the NDSA membership. 

Group Activities: The main expected activities of the group are listed below by public facing and operational categories.  

Public Facing Activities

  • Website: Review and update website for accuracy and timely information.  Edit web pages as requested by the Leadership team.   
  • Social media: Posting to NDSA Twitter etc about NDSA and member activities, publications, etc
  • Blog: Coordinating and posting blog posts about activities, publications, etc
  • Update the shared online events and activities calendar

Operational Activities 

  • Management of Working Groups: Help monitor the processes of the multiple working groups that run on cycles (e.g. Fixity, Staffing Survey). Facilitate group timelines and work with the groups to produce their final published product. 
    • Set up a schedule of known groups that run on cycles.
    • Contact past/present co-chairs of the group prior to next iteration
    • Monitor work (if necessary)
    • Help spin group back down, collect files in NDSA google drive, 
  • Survey Coordination: There are many groups that routinely survey the NDSA membership (or greater).  This group would help coordinate the timing of these surveys across all groups so the membership is not overwhelmed with surveys. 
    • Set up a schedule of known upcoming surveys
  • Publications: This group would be responsible for managing and finalizing NDSA publications
    • Working with groups to know what publications are in the works
      • Recommendations for where/how to store working files, data sets, etc
    • Understanding the desired timeline for publication from the group and setting deadlines.
    • Putting publication into the official Publishing Template format
    • Reviewing publication (basic run through)
    • Publishing on NDSA OSF site
    • In coordination with public facing team:
      • Putting info on NDSA webpage about new publication (if appropriate)
      • Producing a blog post about new publication
      • Producing social media posts about new publication


To complete this work we are looking for individuals from NDSA member organizations to join us.  Specific roles that are needed include::

  • Social Media posters/writers
  • Blog posters/writers
  • Teams for
    • Managing working groups and their output
    • Publications Coordinator

Any interest can be expressed by completing the following form by the end of January 2020.  It is not expected that each individual will be doing all tasks – unless they choose to do so! Participating in NDSA in this manner is a great way to understand and interact with all of NDSA activities.

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