Re-launched in 2021, the Web Archiving Survey Working Group plans to conduct a survey of organizations in the United States and beyond that are actively involved in, or interested in starting, programs to archive content from the Web. This survey, to be published in 2022, will build on previous iterations of the ‘Web Archiving in the United States’ surveys, published in 2017, 2016, 2013, and 2011. 

Before work begins in earnest, the Web Archiving Survey Working Group co-chairs, Zakiya Collier and Samantha Abrams, are seeking 3-4 additional Working Group volunteers to review previous surveys and design a new survey, publish the survey and collect responses, review the responses and write the report, and present results and work at upcoming conferences. Volunteers should represent a range of institutions, types, and locations, and will explicitly include one student (or a recent graduate) working towards their Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies in order to engage them with the NDSA and its members.

It’s estimated that joining the Web Archiving Survey Working Group will be a 9 month commitment (4-5 hours of work per month), with work beginning in December 2021.

Those interested in serving should complete this form by Friday, November 12: Co-chairs will review the responses and reach out with next steps soon thereafter.

Questions? Please email Samantha Abrams and Zakiya Collier at

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