NDSA membership contacts are the main point of contact if questions arise about the NDSA membership. These people also receive emails about the annual Coordinating Committee election and any other official correspondence the NDSA Leadership may have. To help keep these contacts up to date, the NDSA has been working on developing a way for organizations to let us know when their Program Representative or Authorized Signatory contact needs to be updated. We have developed a form for you to fill out to provide us with correct information.  

To assist NDSA with managing memberships, emails from contacts that bounce back more than once from organizations with multiple contacts will be automatically removed from the membership contact list. Effort will be made to reach out to organizations without multiple contacts that have emails bouncing back, however if no response is received NDSA reserves the right to remove this organization from the current membership list until such time as the organization is able to provide new contacts.

If you would like to know who your contacts are please reach out to ndsa.digipres [at] gmail.com and we will be happy to provide you with that information.  

This information, instructions, and the form are also available on the Member Orientation webpage. There is also a link to the form on the Join the NDSA webpage.  

~ The NDSA Leadership Team

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