Starting this month, February 2022, the NDSA Interest Groups will be moving to a rotating quarterly call schedule. This will help members who have wanted to participate in multiple Interest groups but didn’t have the time for two or more calls a month. It will also give Interest Group Co-Chairs more time and flexibility to plan these calls, while also creating opportunities for more cross-group pollination activities, such as quarterly themes and cross-group networking calls. 

Each Interest Group will meet once every three months, on the following schedule:

  • January 10: Standards & Practices
  • February 2: Content
  • March 21: Infrastructure
  • April 11: Standards & Practices
  • May 4: Content
  • June 20: Infrastructure
  • July 11: Standards & Practices
  • August 3: Content
  • September 19: Infrastructure
  • October 10: Standards & Practices
  • November 5: Content
  • December 19: Infrastructure

The updated schedule is reflected on the NDSA Calendar.

As a reminder, NDSA now has a Slack Workspace. Each Interest Group has a channel if you would like to continue conversations between Interest Group meetings. Join one, or join them all. Our workspace address and join link is available on each of the Interest Group meeting note documents.  

~ From the Co-Chairs of the Content, Standards & Practices, and Infrastructure Interest Groups

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