In July of this year, Ithaka S+R researchers published a long-awaited IMLS funded report on digital preservation and curation systems. This report has generated much discussion and some controversy within the digital preservation community. NDSA sees and appreciates practitioners’ hard work in preserving our collective cultural heritage, work that is apparent not only in community discussions but was also recently studied in the 2019 Storage Infrastructure Survey and the 2021 Staffing Survey.

NDSA would like to host an open conversation for the community to discuss this report and its impact. This will take two forms: an open Google Doc for asynchronous participation and an online meeting. Both of these venues will be governed by the NDSA Code of Conduct. The Google Doc will be open from the publication time of this blog post until the online meeting, which will use a similar structure. The open session will take place over Zoom on October 26, 12:30-1:30pm Eastern, the passcode is the acronym of our organization.

~Nathan Tallman, NDSA Coordinating Committee Chair

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