As of 13 September 2022, the NDSA Leadership unanimously voted to welcome its six most recent applicants into the membership. Each new member brings a host of skills and experience to our group. Keep an eye out for them on your calls and be sure to give them a shout out. Please join me in welcoming our new members.

 ~ Hannah Wang, Vice Chair of the NDSA Coordinating Committee

Africa Media Online

Africa Media Online operates a digital trade route enabling the custodians of African collections to get those collections from the cupboard to the audience they want to reach while maintaining custodianship over those collections. Their vision is to enable Africans to tell Africa’s story. The digital trade route includes: training, consulting, digitization service, digital preservation, and licensing.

Archives of the American Jewish Left in the Digital Age

The Archives of the American Jewish Left in the Digital Age, which will be linked to the Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History at New York University, takes as its subject the emerging publications, organizations, and activities initiated by a new generation of young American Jews who on their own responded to the cultural trends, political concerns, and technology of the twenty-first century. Because of the nature of digital technology, this project offers an opportunity to show that what will be history in the future can be captured in the present with historical consciousness. 

Botswana International University of Science and Technology Library 

Botswana International University of Science and Technology is a relatively young university having started operating ten years ago. The university library is therefore still developing and is interested in participating in any endeavor that ensures that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable to its users. As a growing library that has to make do with a shrinking budget, digital preservation is very important to them in ensuring that whatever valuable information they have is preserved for continued access and use. The library has started a project called “Presidential collection @BIUST” that seeks to preserve the legacy of the sitting and former presidents of Botswana through digitization of such content.

El Colegio de México

El Colegio de México is a Mexican institute of higher education, specializing in teaching and research in social sciences and humanities. The library is actively creating a digital preservation unit.

Milwaukee County Historical Society

As one of, if not the, largest repository for Milwaukee County history, the Milwaukee County Historical Society is committed to improving their digital preservation and accessibility efforts. With over a million photos in the collection along with thousands of manuscript collections, documents, and other assorted records, MCHS is embarking on efforts to digitize and make available as much material as possible. As part of this effort, they strive to learn, implement, and collaborate on the best possible practices for a repository of our size and nature. Digitization projects for both preservation and accessibility include photos, naturalization records, manuscripts, and books and ledgers of historical importance.

Tuskegee University

The Tuskegee University Archives includes material documenting the history and growth of Tuskegee University, the Civil Rights movement, and general history of Afro-Americana. Books (including faculty publications), manuscripts, Tuskegee University periodicals and newspapers, ephemera, photographic images, disc and tape recordings, and other archival items are available for research under supervised conditions.

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