The NDSA Interest Groups are continuing to meet on a quarterly basis with one meeting a month to help members who have wanted to participate in multiple groups but didn’t have the time for more than one or two calls per month, hopefully allowing participants to more easily attend multiple interest group meetings.

The 2024 Interest Group Meeting Schedule is as follows (subject to change).  

  • January 9, 1pm EST: Standards and Practices
  • February 1, 12pm EST: Content 
  • March 18, 1pm EST: Infrastructure
  • April 8, 1pm EST: Standards and Practices
  • May 2, 12pm EST: Content
  • June 17, 1pm EST: Infrastructure
  • July 8, 1pm EST: Standards and Practices
  • August 1, 12pm EST: Content
  • September 16, 1pm EST: Infrastructure
  • October 14, 1pm EST: Standards and Practices
  • November 7, 12pm EST: Content
  • December 10, 1pm EST: Infrastructure 

Call in information and any updates on scheduling is available on the meeting note documents for each group which are linked from the group website: Content, Infrastructure, Standards and Practices.  

We hope you can join us multiple times throughout the year.  

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