As part of the NDSA’s broader organizational alignment activities taking place over the last year, the NDSA Coordinating Committee recently charged a small group of Leadership members to review and update its foundational strategy, which had previously been published in 2019.

The updated NDSA Strategy retains the NDSA’s mission, vision, and values. The three top-level goals of the organization remain the same, too:

  1. Convening and sustaining an engaged community to advance digital stewardship theory and practice.
  2. Identifying, communicating, and advocating for the common needs, concerns, standards, and good practices of the community.
  3. Providing outreach, resources, training, and professional development opportunities to bolster the effectiveness, productivity, and continuity of the community.

To provide a meaningful, actionable roadmap towards achieving each of these goals, the NDSA Leadership has outlined specific activities and initiatives to be completed in the next three to five years. Some of these activities include strengthening and stabilizing the NDSA’s shared governance, enhancing membership services with improved outreach and new groups, and increasing transparency through new communication methods and channels.

Please check out the “Goals and Strategies” section of the NDSA 2024 Strategy for the full list of activities and initiatives that you can look forward to in the coming years!

One of the first activities that the NDSA Leadership will begin working towards is investigating avenues to develop a sustainable funding model, including but not limited to restructuring membership options, hosting events, and seeking sponsorships. Towards that end, in the coming weeks we will be sending out a brief survey about funding the NDSA work. Keep an eye out and respond to the survey to make your voice heard! And as always, feel free to reach out to the NDSA Leadership with your thoughts and feedback at

– Bethany Scott, 2024 Coordinating Committee Chair

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