Digital Preservation 2021 Embracing Digitality


Thank you for attending Digital Preservation 2021: Embracing Digitality!

The NDSA Digital Preservation conference is the annual meeting of the NDSA and helps chart future directions for both the NDSA and the greater digital stewardship field. It is a crucial venue for intellectual exchange, community building, development of good practices, and agenda-setting in the digital stewardship field. Digital Preservation 2021: Embracing Digitality (#DigiPres21) was held online on Thursday, November 4 2021 on World Digital Preservation Day and in concert with the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) events DLF Forum (November 1-3) and Learn@DLF (November 8-10)

Conference Program and Proceedings

Held online November 4, 2021, the slide decks and recordings of the presentations for Digital Preservation 2021: Embracing Digitality are available.

NDSA 2021 Collaborative Banner

Collaborative art banner from attendees at #DigiPres21

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tonia Sutherland

Dr. Tonia Sutherland

Dr. Tonia Sutherland will give her keynote talk, “After the Archives: On Living and Dying in Digital Culture,” halfway through the Digital Preservation 2021 program. Dr. Sutherland is an Assistant Professor in the Library and Information Sciences Program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa where her work focuses on memory, community, and technology. Dr. Sutherland’s book Digital Remains is forthcoming from the University of California Press.

About the NDSA and Digital Preservation 2021

The NDSA is a consortium of 278 organizations committed to the long-term preservation and stewardship of digital information and cultural heritage, for the benefit of present and future generations. It is an affiliate organization of CLIR and DLF. The NDSA strives to create a safe, accessible, welcoming, and inclusive event, and operates under the DLF Forum’s Code of Conduct.

Social and Wellness Activities

Join us in virtual social and wellness activities all day!

DigiPres Lightning Trivia

10-10:45 am ET

Join us for a round of Lightning Trivia on all things DigiPres! Your hosts, DigiPres Program Committee members Ruby Martinez and Alex Kinnaman, will host a live event to provide some opening icebreakers to get us warmed up before a round of Lightning Trivia that will get us ready for a day of DigiPres! Come show off your knowledge and gain fake internet points with us! Links to the trivia will be shared during the event, no account required.

DigiPres Collaborative Banner


As a way to celebrate DigiPres2021, we invite you all to contribute to a Collaborative Art Work – DigiPres 2021 Banner! Using Jamboard, you can add your favorite quotations, hashtags, images, logos, links, and thoughts about #DigiPres21! The completed project will be captured and featured on the NDSA Conference page after the conference. As always, be respectful with your additions, and also be creative! Run out of space? Go to the next page on Jamboard and keep the celebration going! The link to the banner is in Midspace.

DigiPres Coffee Lounge


Catch up with old friends, or make new ones, as you take a coffee break in between DigiPres sessions! Coffee not required.

Conference Navigator Program

Are you new to the NDSA? Is this your first time attending Digital Preservation? Or are you a veteran member who would like to help welcome someone new to the NDSA/DigiPres? If so, our Conference Navigator Program may be for you! The NDSA Conference Navigator Program is meant to be lightweight, collegial, and is focused around the annual Digital Preservation conference. It is a reconfiguration of the previous mentorship program focused specifically on the conference experience. The NDSA is looking at options for longer-term mentorship opportunities, that would not be limited to the annual conference. NDSA facilitates the matching, based on expertise and new attendee requests. Navigators agree to:

  • Exchange emails and/or set up a phone/video chat to get to know each other before the conference
  • Meet up as early as possible at Digital Preservation (virtually), to be a friendly face, help make introductions, and generally advise on how to make the most of the conference
  • Offer career advice as requested, based on their own experience
  • Maintain confidentiality and exhibit professionalism in all interactions (including by adhering to the DLF’s Code of Conduct.

As a Digital Preservation and DLF Forum sponsor you will be part of the premier digital stewardship conference that fosters leadership, builds community, sets grassroots agendas, and organizes for action. Sponsorship options are limited and will go quickly! Check out our 2021 sponsorship opportunities and reserve your preferred sponsor level today.

2021 DigiPres Organizing Committee

  • Tricia Patterson, Harvard University (2021 Chair)
  • Jes Neal, Williams College (2021 Vice-Chair, 2022 Chair)
  • Rachel Appel, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • Heather Barnes, Wake Forest University
  • Moriah Caruso, University of Washington Libraries
  • Chelsea Denault, Michigan Digital Preservation Network
  • Stacey Erdman, Arizona State University
  • Angela Fritz, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Deirdre Joyce, Syracuse University
  • Alex Kinnaman, Virginia Tech University Libraries
  • Monique Lassere, Houghton Library at Harvard University
  • Ruby Lorraine Martinez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Krista Oldham, Clemson
  • Patrice-Andre “Max” Prud’homme, Oklahoma State University
  • Thomas Pulhamus, University of Delaware
  • Aliya Reich, CLIR/DLF
  • Amy Rudersdorf, AVP
  • Kim Schroeder, Wayne State University
  • Beth Shields, Oregon State University
  • Kristen Weischedel, IIT
  • Lauren Work, University of Virginia Library (Communications Liaison)
  • Frederick Zarndt, Global Connexions

DigiPres Call for Proposals

The 2021 Digital Preservation Call for Proposals closed on May 17, 2021. You can review the CFP here.

Calendar and Past Meetings

Future Events: For the latest on upcoming events, see our NDSA calendar. More events relevant to the NDSA’s mission are to be found on the DLF Community Calendar.

Past Meetings: An archive of Digital Preservation meetings from 2011-2021 can be found on the Past Digital Preservation Conferences page.


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