Innovation Interest Group

The Innovation Interest Group is no longer active.

During the summer of 2016, members of the Innovation Interest Group began a review of the Interest Group’s six-year history and reflected on whether there was a vision for the continuing activity of this group, and, more importantly, if there were people whose interests aligned with that vision, and would undertake the work of the group.

It was decided to present the question of whether to continue or to sunset the Innovation Interest Group at the NDSA Digital Preservation 2016 conference in Milwaukee in November, to all interested NDSA participants. Attendees were asked their motivation for attending the interest group meeting, what they wished to accomplish, and if they thought the Innovation Interest Group, rather than some other interest or working group, was the best medium for accomplishing those interests.

The consensus was that the interests of participants were best served by other existing, or yet to be created, interest or working groups. It was decided officially to sunset the Innovation Interest Group. However, many new ideas were generated at the meeting and in prior group conversations. We encourage participants to use the framework of the NDSA to explore them, creating new groups as needed. (See “Group Formation” for more details.)

The Innovation Interest Group had more than a six-year history of activity under the umbrella of NDSA. Among its initiatives were:

Past Innovation Innovation Group activities are available via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine as a historical record.