Outreach Interest Group

The Outreach Interest Group is no longer active.

Activities of this working group were suspended in 2014. The Coordinating Committee has committed to furthering outreach and communication for the NDSA. We encourage you to contact the Coordinating Committee with ideas and suggestions.

The Outreach Interest Group of the NDSA focused on building relationships with stakeholder communities and preparing and sharing digital preservation information resources. These activities included: Identifying and assessing tools the NDSA community needs for communication; Identifying and promoting key digital preservation information resources; Defining opportunities for outreach within the NDSA and to the community beyond.

The scope of work of the Outreach Interest Group activities fell under three broad categories:

  • Public Awareness
  • Partner Recruitment
  • Communication across the NDSA

These were instantiated through several specific campaigns and Action Teams. These included:

  • Digital Preservation in a Box
  • Organizational Outreach
  • Preparing a Toolkit of Outreach Resources

These projects can now be found on the NDSA Wiki via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. The NDSA Wiki was retired in 2019.