As we close in on the end of July we celebrate 10 years of the NDSA!!  

NDSA was initiated by the Library of Congress as a way to sustain and increase partnerships created through the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP).  Participants of NDIIPP were many of the initial members of NDSA.  There were 58 members in 2010, with membership now standing at over 250 in 2020.  Bill LeFurgy, one of the creators of NDSA, discusses the development and history of NDSA as part of NDIIPP, which, incidentally, would have turned 20 in December, and has a report on their first 10 years available as well. 

NDSA started with four groups developed to foster communication and partnerships which has grown in ten years to include three standing Interest groups and at least nine Working groups.  Working groups allow members to focus on specific activities of interest which often produce reports or documentation for the wider community to benefit from.  

In 2016 the Library of Congress passed along the role of Host Institution to the Digital Library Federation (DLF). The DLF has been a good home for the NDSA as well as including DigiPres, the annual NDSA Digital Preservation conference, in their own conference activity planning.   

NDSA is well known for the Agenda for Digital Stewardship and the Levels of Preservation, both with recent updates and publications. NDSA Interest and Working groups have also been busy over the years publishing survey reports (9), case studies (5), and topical interest research pieces (4).  These materials can be found on the NDSA OSF site and the Publications section of the website.  We have taken a renewed approach to strategic planning and transparency to the wider preservation community. We have also expanded significantly into the international scene with new members and partners from across the globe. There is also increased representation at the leadership level, including the elected Coordinating Committee as well as the co-chairs for Interest and Working groups, bringing the Leadership Team to over 20 individuals. 

Moving into the next 10 years, we recognize preservation is a global challenge and as such, we hope to continue expanding our international collaborations and increase our research output and advocacy to help all levels within our preservation community.  NDSA would not exist without you and we want to thank you for 10 amazing years and look forward to approaching the next ten together!

We always welcome new ideas and perspectives, so please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback! Email us


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